Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Samhain

I had planned to update my blog to wish you all a Happy Samhain/Happy Halloween but along with some other things today, it never got done. Better late than never, huh?

I spent the weekend making a couple hats for my dad's birthday. Can't believe he'll turn 70 on Thursday. I still see him as 50-ish but I was too busy back then making his life miserable and fighting tooth and nail on everything. I'm so glad we made amends and he forgave me for being such a total fucktard but I still wish I had those years back so I could have had a relationship with my dad, not constant turmoil. But that's in the past and we get on so well now and that's what is important.

I am working on my other sock now, I turned the heel before supper so once I post this, I'll go see how far I can get. I plan to watch a couple horror movies tonight-per usual. Maybe Last House on the Left since it's been ages since I've seen just never did much for me. TV stunk with the spooky stuff this year.

Also went to Windsor Button again and picked up Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road book. WAY COOL! I won't be happy until I can replace all the crap socks I bought at the store with hand knit socks.

Oh-and I made my labels finally! Rock Chick inspired me after she got the idea from Dave D. This is a prelim label. I've always had a thing with crescent moons, they're an amulet of sorts to me. Half way through this label, I remembered I have some awesome brushes for Photoshop that I'll mess with and see if I can come up with something a bit more "me". Can knitting and the macabre go and in hand? LOL!

Happy Knitting all!


Dave D said...

Happy Samhain! Did you get up to Salem? I usually wait 'til the tourists leave before going back up there.
Don't you love Windsor Button? The folks in there are really nice, very helpful. I've known Stan and his wife for years. I'd work there in a minute if it weren't a loosing proposition. No way could I work around all that stuff and NOT owe them money.
Nice tags you've made there.

~drew emborsky~ said...

The tag look great! Such a fantastic idea to make those. The hats are cool too!

Jerry said...

Thanks Drew but the idea is not mine....Dave, posted above you, came up with the idea. Rock Chick copied him adn I copied her LOL!