Friday, October 28, 2005

Trouble in Paradise

Have been working on my Aran cardigan most of the evening. I'm posting a scan of the cover of the book my cardi is in, does anybody have this book? It was my grandmothers. I have no idea how old it is but there is a definite problem with he one I'm making. Was hoping someone might have the same book and be able to help me out?

On the off chance someone does have this book, I'm making style #8410. Take a look at the sleeve instructions. They are dead wrong. I'm dead on with my gauge and if these instructions are correct, then the sleeve from underarm to top of shoulder is 4" which is not going to fit in the armhole of the sweater no matter how you block.

The problem, best as I can tell, is they tell you to cast of for the underarm...Fine. Then they want you to decrease one stitch every second row 14 times....then bind off 4 sts. at the start of the next 4 rows and it's done.

I need to alter this or it's not going to work. I have to rip the sleeve back as it is due to this. Instead of decreasing each end of every 2nd row, how do I better space the decreases? Every 4th row? Every 6th row?

What I did on the sleeve, as per the pattern, looks like a raglan sleeve. All the dec's are in the first few inches and then it just jutts up this long narrow block of cables. That's not right.

Any ideas?

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rock chick said...

Did you try Googling for any pattern errata? I know it's dicey on vintage patterns, but sometimes you roll boxcars instead of snake eyes. If no errata can be found, I say tinker with your decreases and binding off. Have you already done the front and back? If so, do the shoulder join and keep checking your sleeve top against where they'll join. As you said, sometimes patterns are just dead wrong. Trust your instincts. Fingers crossed!