Friday, January 26, 2007

Half a sleeve, home stretch

I've been knitting full steam ahead on this sweater. Got half a sleeve done in the past couple of days. It's funny, the memories that go along with these. This sweater will be forever reminding me of Lime & Violet and Chub Creek as that's what I mainly listened to while knitting it. A few episodes of OZ here and there but mainly podcasts kept me company. I still can't believe how fast the knitting went on this. I was convinced when I first started it that I'd be knitting this till doomsday but once you get a rhythm going, it really sort of flies along and it's just too interesting watching the cables move along.

I need to go buy some sock yarn. My doctor totally freaks when he sees the socks I wear. Mainly it's been the two pairs of Jaywalkers I've worn. The green ones and the multi-colour candy coloured ones. Since I have one more appointment in May for a complete physical, I'll need to get and make one more pair of Jaywalkers. I'm debating weather to knit them on a size larger needle as they are a royal pain in the ass to get on my foot-then again, I don't think they were meant for a man's foot but who cares LOL! They're cool socks! And so far, of the three or four pairs of socks I've knit, the Jaywalkers show off the yarn the best.

Went to the eye doctor yesterday, made out OK there for now. I am so damn tired of doctors now, it seems that's all I did January was go see doctors. Last one up is the friggin' dentist. They scare me most of all, financially and anxiety wise. That dentist office smell and those torture tools just really wig me out.

I spent 90 minutes getting a copper kettle polished up this morning. I had let it really get nasty...just hadn't been feeling all that great the past couple years...that old "FTW" attitude. Now that I'm feeling better, I decided to get it clean. I'm so happy I've got a shiny copper tea kettle on my stove again. I never thought that could be saved...lots of elbow grease and 90 minutes was all it took. I love copper, even if it is a royal PITA to keep shiny.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back to my regularly scheduled life

Wow, what to say, a lot has sort of gone on over the past week. I guess first & foremost is I finally got my butt to a doctor on Tuesday of last week. Awesome guy, someone you can actually talk to who doesn't have a God complex. Very down to earth and reasonable guy. We talked a bit, he did some blood work and put me on Xanax. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I feel like a totally new man and no longer at the mercy of my nerves. I haven't felt this normal in over 4 years and feel like I'm finally getting my life back on track. I have to go again this coming Tuesday for a follow up and then again 1 May for a complete physical.

Knitting-wise, I started a pair of Log Cabin socks with the cashmere. Ripped it out after one sock as it was too large and just generally too floppy-had no body and I knew I wasn't going to like it. It was sinfully soft but just not quite right for a pair of socks. I guess I'll just forge ahead on Patrick and get that done.

I'm all caught up with Lime & Violet...they are, without a doubt, one of the best teams out there-I love 'em! Now there's only Chub Creek (in my podcast links) to catch up on.

That's really all that's been going on-I've been trying to get some organising done since I've not done a whole lot since I had been feeling so volatile and just had a general "Who Cares" attitude.

Being that it's supposed to be dreary and rainy, I'm going to park in front of the devil box and knit all day :-)

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Spring Winter day

Holy was almost 70 degrees yesterday-this is's not normal. While I'm not asking for snow, cold weather would be nice. I've not gotten to make any soup this year. I'm one of those weird people that won't make soup unless it's cold. There's a movie I've been wanting to watch too but it sorta requires some cold weather to really watch it properly. There's just some movies you watch over the winter that you don't watch over the summer and vice versa, you know?

I spent the all of yesterday winding that infernal jade sapphire yarn into balls. It took about 2 1/2 Twilight Zone episodes to wind each hank into a ball. I have never seen a hank so messed up....winding in and out of itself, it started to go one way then would double back on itself. WTF? I will be writing to them tomorrow. I now have 5 balls wound-two words NEVER AGAIN. I didn't want to use it for socks thinking it was too special but after that, they are SO getting make into Log Cabin socks....Besides, it's been so warm and not really scarf of mitten weather.

My amaryllis bloomed too the other day. My mom always had these around, I guess I got mine too late to bloom for Christmas. Anyway, it's pretty. I heard what I thought was my cat jumping off a table or something. It was the damn flower that tipped over. I'd always read they have a tendency to tip but never had one that actually did. Mine did. One flower is all cut up now but at least the stalk didn't break. There's another stalk that's a bit smaller ready to bloom. I'm glad I got pics before it tipped.

Have been getting some laughs listening to Lime & Violet. I'm caught up to episode 13. They're awesome! Also finally subscribed to Chub Creek after listening to Brenda Dayne talk about him so much. His show is cool.