Saturday, July 29, 2006

Knitting and Cars

I just got the new issue of Interweave Knits today in the post. Man I wish it weren't so beastly hot....made me want to start knitting up a storm. LOTS of stuff in there I love and will hope to do this cool season.

There's some great lace shawls in there that I'd love to throw over the back of a sofa but that will have to wait. My cat would destroy lace in an instant. She's having a helluva good time for herself clawing up this sofa.

Didja ever want something so badly and you realise that you can't logically do it for one reason or another? I've had an on again/off again love affair with this car, an Excalibur Phaeton. I'd give my eye teeth for a mid 70's model. I watched Roller Boogie last night and my girl Linda Blair drives one in the movie. That's what started me on my love affair of it back in 1980.

I'm at a position now where I can afford one and want one BADLY!!!! but due to my location, I can't buy one. Fir starters, I now drive a 2003 Jaguar and love it to death but have been having major problems with the tires, namely I have to check my air pressure daily as they go flat. This is thanks to the dumpy area I live in and this city as a whole is not much better. The roads are filled with broken glass and I've never in my life seen so many potholes. It makes me sorry I wasted money on a Jaguar while living here as it is being destroyed. I'm now a Jaguar fan for life and can't see myself driving anything else-it is-bar NONE the best car I've ever driven and will continue buying/driving them but the Excalibur would be an awesome second car but there's not a cold chance in 7 hells I'd buy one while I'm living here. BOO HOO! I wanna move to Malibu CA. so I can enjoy both cars!

How much longer before knitting season starts again?