Thursday, February 15, 2007


No, I've not fallen off the face of the earth...I'm just firmly entrenched in Second Life. In any event, we got some horrid weather. The weather people were on about this big storm only we didn't get quite so much a storm as we did a big, frozen pile of ice. It was mainly sleet that has frozen and is bloody heavy....too thick to chop through.

Somehow the postman managed to make it through and delivered this box of goodies to my door. After all these years, I've finally got to hear and see the Goddess of Knitting, Elizabeth Zimmermann in action. I only have watched one episode so far but it's FAB! Well worth every penny.

I should be done with and wearing Patrick but seeing as how I live in Second Life when I'm not in Real Life....I've not got much knitting done. Hence, I cannot attempt these Fair Isle mittens until I am. I'm going to see if I can sit down with the the knitting podcasts and get some work done. It's so close..

SO...Bis folgendes Mal (Until Next Time)

I apologise to any Germans if I said that wrong...please tell me the proper way. I'm trying to learn the language.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Second Life madness

Hello....Man did I ever step into an addiction. Valium holds nothing on Second Life. I had heard about it on a podcast last weekend and Friday night thought "Hmm, let me see what this is all about." Now, I played video games with some buddies when I was a teen. I wouldn't ever say I was addicted to them-I got frustrated easily and that always seemed to keep it in check.

Did it shock my ass when I found I was losing hours in Second Life. I sat down Saturday and the whole bloody day was gone before I knew it. Huh? What do you mean it's supper time? I just put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. Holy Crap this game is fun!!!!

If you click the link and check it out, just be can be EXTREMELY addictive. I think I would have had my sweater, Patrick, done by now had it not been for Second Life. I still have a bit more than half to go on the final sleeve. I'm going to attempt to take my ass away from this computer because I cannot sit down anymore without wanting to go into SL and poke about. It's just too damn cool for words! Maybe I'll post my avatar, I've grown very fond of him and am rather protective of him. Is that completely daft or what?

Anyway, hope you all are knitting and being productive. I'm going to see if I can't build knitting needles and yarn in Second Life. I'm sure it's possible to knit there-I'm just too new yet to figure out how. ROTFLOL!

I switched to the new blogger....apparently the spell checker is not working.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Somehow I managed to sign in FINALLY under my old Blogger. I refuse to switch to the new one but in meantime...if anybody understands how to change templates and doesn't mind helping me, can you please leave a comment so I can get in touch with you? I'd like to change this before I'm forced to switch to the new blogger at which point, I'm most likely going to delete this and disappear. I lost a lot of readers anyway when I stopped knitting over the summer. LOL! Who can knit when it's 90 degrees and just as humid? In any event, I refuse to open yet another new account just to blog. If my current one I set this up with isn't good enough, then that's Bloggers problem, not mine. That is insane anyway-I'd like to know exactly what Google gets out of this to be forcing the use of their account to remian with blogger. I hardly ever use google anyway. My favourite search is and my second favourite is I never will understand why they have to go screw with something that donesn't need fixing in the first place.

Hope you guys had a good day. I wasted mine in front of this infernal machine instead of knitting like I had planned to do.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Desk Mess

I was looking over some blogs and saw this over on Sam's blog and thought why not. This is the mess I call my desk. It's not always been this way but I think this shows how bad my mental state got. I've been wanting to organise it but since this is upstairs and nobody really sees it, it's not a high priority since I've been getting the downstairs straightened out. Man, this is embarrassing. I'm not this much of a slob.

I saw a really nice computer armoire at a furniture store last year that I'd love to get but not until I move into a nice home in a nice neighbourhood. I'm done spending in this house. It's kind of a sin to hide a Macintosh like that since they're just so cool to look at.

Right then-after seeing some of your blogs, it seems colour work is the in thing right now so I went and downloaded this Northern Lights Mitten pattern from Knit Picks. I just downloaded it and maybe I'll order the yarn next week. Its not really been mitten weather and I don't really wear mittens (fingerless mitts, yeah) but I'd like to get back into colour work since you have inspired me. I've done stranded work before (my Zebra Sweater) and it is not nearly as bad as intarsia. I only wish I had done an argyle sweater first as I highly doubt I will ever again do intarsia after doing a Kaffe Fassett pattern. Once was more than enough for me. There goes my classic argyle.

Do you suppose they'll discover scents are carcinogenic? LOL! Everything else seems to be. I say this only because scent has a very powerful impact on me. I use Nantucket Natural Oils a lot. I was simmering his Sweet Jasmine oil tonight while I was working on the start of the last sleeve of Patrick. There's other oils too. Not to mention I'll spray my room or sheets with stuff that takes me back to different times in my life. Often I'll squirt a spritz or two of a perfume my mom would wear into the room. I dunno, I just find scent a very comforting thing. I need to get some honeysuckle oil to simmer. My grandparetns had a lotof that in their yard and I don't think I've smelled that since I was a we lad-I only remember it attracted every bee in the tri-state area but boy did it smell nice.

I guess I'll quit here for tonight. I had been listening to 4 or 5 back to back episodes of Chub Creek today and had sort of planned to do an audio entry for a change but wasn't quite sure how to go about it and I felt kinda stupid sitting here talking to myself so I did a normal entry instead.

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Happy Imbolc

By am I behind schedule. Anyway, as the wheel slowly turns, I want to wish you a happy Imbolc.

have a lot of house work to do and managed to finish the first sleeve of the sweater. One more to go and it'll be Happy Snoopy Dance for this lil witch!