Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting Podcasts

I may be behind the times, not sure if this is old hat to everyone or not but this morning, I was surfing some blogs and stumbled upon knitting podcasts. I subscribed to these two this morning. One is Knitcast and the other is Cast-on.

iTunes has a number of others that I never thought to look for before. Go to the iTunes music store, click on Podcasts on the left nav bar and enter knit or crochet in the search field and you'll find a much of podcasts come up.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Just how I like them. It was sort of a grey day and perfect for popping in a movie and knitting which is what I did. I finished a ribbed hat for my grandfather, now I have a scarf and one more pair of bloody slippers to do. I'm tired of those...but they go fast. Only takes me a couple hours I guess.

I got the house decorated for Christmas Friday and it looks so cool. I love how the house feels so magickal when it's all sparkling and lit up this time of year. I usually wait for a neighbour but this year I decided to hell with that, I like it and I'm doing it the day after Thanksgiving so that's what I did.

Yesterday Chris and I went to see Saw 2. I wasn't too keen on paying $7.00 (umm, regular price is $10, "bargain matinee" is 7 bucks. I fail to see where the bargain is????) since I liked the original but I wasn't wild about it. Forget it...Saw 2 BLOWS the original out of the water. To say it was brutal is an understatement, sadistic it was with a very liberal spattering of gore. It was a real on-the-edge-of-your-seat movie. Can't wait for the DVD to come out!I thought Chris was going to jump out of his skin-could hear his shallow breathing through most of it.

I think tomorrow I'm going to post an ad on eBay for my Aran. I'm not too confident it'll sell. I scanned there for Aran sweaters and there's a healthy dose of them there...all under $30. Most are selling for $24. "Hand Knit" can't buy the yarn for an Aran for $24. and to HAND KNIT IT and give it away for $24. ????? Maybe they machine knit them and still consider that hand knit? I dunno. I'll post it anyway, have nothing to lose but mine certainly won't be going for $24.

Sci Fi channel has a cool show on the Bermuda Triangle at 9 so I'm gonna go get washed up, get in my PJ's (yeah, I wear PJ's in the winter) and see what I can get myself into knitting. Come 9, I'll have a nice cup of tea and be ready for this Bermuda Triangle thing. That's always fascinated me. I used to work with someone who swore up and down that was the portal to Atlantis.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Knitting Factory

That's what I feel like. I've done all these SLIPPERS and two HATS. I have a couple more hats to go and I think I will be done? Oh yeah...I've got a scarf to make too. I'm not sure I can afford to sleep, but I guess maybe it's good that I knit fast.

I also got two balls of yarn from Carodan Farm which I'll use to make socks at some point. I need to get some plain yarn so I can try cabled socks but all these colourways are just too interesting and wild for me to pass up.

Over the weekend, I found a video I had of Kaffe Fassett. It's six episodes of his tv show, Glorious Colour, he had done in the mid 80's for chamomile 4 in the UK. He is so inspirational and so very calming to watch. I'd love to spend a month with him to see if any of it would rub off on me. It almost made me want to do another of his designs. There's a jacket from the Glorious Knits book but I'm just not into spending another 13 years on a sweater. I need to transfer that video to DVD since I'm not sure they can be found again and I'd hate to lose them.

I got Polar Express too yesterday. I've wanted to see that since I first saw the trailer on Apple's web site. I was not disappointed, it was brilliant! Made me feel things about Christmas I haven't felt since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I think I'll watch it again tonight.

I know there's more stuff I wanted to say but can't think at the moment.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter

We went to see Goblet of Fire this morning. All I can say about it is Brilliant!!!!! Absolutely brilliant! I can't remember a series I've ever loved as much as this one. I'll have to re-read the book again, I know there was a lot left out. I didn't find it any darker than the last one. Very enjoyable. I'll have to go again. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh--There's a scene where Harry is in a tub, sans shirt. When he took his shirt off, I think every pre-teen girl in the audience let out a collective sigh. It was hysterical LOL!

Anyway, I started this hat yesterday. Not sure who it's for for Christmas. Well,l I do but seeing as how they're probably reading this, I can't say. You can't see the cable band all that well but its THIS PATTERN I've got some natural yarn that I'll make another one with.

It's funny, all the years I've knit, it's just been straight knitting on needles. I never knit stuff in the round, I think I used circular needles twice in all the years I've been knitting, only used dp's for the first time last month and love them. Now I'm doing lots of stuff in the round.

Also think since I am starting to really love grafting, I'm going to look for ways to make sure I can graft shoulder seams wherever possible. I did it on the neckband of my Aran and I had to do it for the band on this hat last night...I'm really liking it! It's so cool to see there's not a visible seam.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Forging Right Along

I started this Sunday night while I put Looking For Mr. Goodbar in the VCR. I haven't seen that in ages, I wish it would come out on DVD before my VHS copy wears out. It's getting old now.

Anyway, this is the third time I'm doing this sweater. There are five charts already established, five more to go. For some reason, I'm not so sure I'm so in love with this anymore. It looks gargantuan. It's knit on 10.5's using DK yarn doubled. It looks much more refined in Vogue Knitting. I don't recall it looking quit this 'bold' the last time I knit it. I'll have to search around for a photo of it.

The original was done in 5 different colours...deep, rich greens, purples and blues. It was gorgeous. I've never found colours that have the richness of the original which is why I'm doing it a solid colour. I'm using Jaeger Matchmaker. I love the yarn but hadn't realised it was a superwash wool until tonight.

This should go quickly where it's on such large needles. Won't be long before I start casting on for the sleeve shaping. It's a dolman sleeve. I have no idea where I'll lay this out to block it but I'll worry about that when I get to that point. For now, I'm just enjoying the hell out of the cables.

I guess I should start working on some holiday knitting...I've got a few gifts to make. I'll look into that tomorrow.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


OK folks, this is it. The Aran cardigan is done, buttons are sewn on, buttonholes are finished. I didn't think this would make me quite this sad but I am. Anyway, I have to sell this-can use the money to buy more yarn to make myself one that will fit. I was stupid for not double and triple checking the size before I started. I made medium and I should have made large. I need to take measurements of this so whoever buys it knows it'll fit. Not patting myself on the back, I am NEVER one to tout my own horn as I am always very critical of my work but I am damn proud of this sweater.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Rowan, Gauge, and frustration

I finally got the Classic Winter book from Rown I've been frothing at the mouth for. Have to make that cable sweater on the cover! Too bad the model doesn't come with it ;-) I'm just sayin'......Also love the fingerless gloves and the sock/slipper/leg warmers in that book. If I get to knit all the stuff I want to, I'm going to need a house just to store all these sweaters in.

So I pulled out the Holiday '87 issue of Vogue Knitting to knit the swatch for the cable sampler. Mind you, this will be the third time I'll have knitted this. I'm beginning to think someone is trying to tell me this one isn't for me. I've knit the gauge swatch on the 10.5 it calls for, went down to 10's, then down to 9's. I can't get the gauge. I refuse to go to a size 8...that's too small a size to knit with two strands of DK weight yarn. If I have to pay someone to knit this for me, that's what I'll do but I WILL wear this sweater before the winter is over. That sweater is fun to knit but three times now? I'm getting tired of it.

I wish I had knit that back in 1987 when I could have gotten the Aarlan yarn it calls for. I'm using Jaeger DK yarn for it and while that's nice, the Aarlan looked much nicer. I wasn't knitting in '87 though, I had met my soon to be ex at that time LOL!

The new Kate Bush album wasn't worth it. I don't like it...her career was over after Hounds of Love...or The Whole Story if you count a Best Of collection as an album. I'll listen to the old, wacky, odd stuff she was doing back in the 80's. I still think The Dreaming was her finest hour...that was an incredible album! My favourite of hers.

I ripped that sock back I posted last night. I didn't like the way the ribbing pattern was looking so I'll re-do it and put a small cable down the sides.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Socks

I've been working on my sock for most of the late afternoon. This is how far I've gotten. I like the colourway of this yarn. Not sure the crossed 'cable' pattern works with's very hard to see. Yes, that's Jake Hansen from Melrose Place on the tv. I'll admit it, I'm a Melrose fan.

For a guy who 1) hates soap operas and 2) has never really had much of a draw to tv, you sure couldn't prove it these past few months. Especially with Dallas and Knots Landing on the Soaps network. I can't miss them. I'm just sayin'...

Just a few more days and I'll have pics of the Aran cardigan up here. I need to get buttons for it first. I also need to figure out how to do the blanket stitch around the buttonholes. That's giving me a bit of trouble.

Bad news is, I definitely have to sell's too small for me :-( While I enjoyed knitting it, I don't like doing the same thing over again so soon. Maybe after the holidays. I was so pissed as I wanted to wear it. I am very proud of it and the grafting technique I had to do on the back of the neck facing. It wasn't the easiest thing to do on a cable pattern but I did the best I could and I think it looks good. At least it's neat. My grandmother would be proud.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hell's Bells

No, not AC/DC's song tho it's one of my all time faves! While eating breakfast just now,I saw Kate Bush finally put out a new album, Aerial. It's a double album. Hell's Bells, it's only been 12 years or more. I'm curious how many of her fans have held on or if she is even remembered. She did say once she had a baby, that was it, the music would be history. I'm actually surprised she's put this out considering she has a son now.

The Boston Globe gave it an ok review saying she's still pretty much as she was. I'm trying to decide what to do. I know some of what is on it is nothing like she's ever done before which could be good...or not. There's a domestic release and an import release. I usually go for the imports but at $47. Amazon price, I'm not sure I want to take the risk. I didn't like her last album at all, save for one or two songs, I thought it was crap. I was sorely disappointed in The Sensual World she put out in the early 90's but it is listenable. I guess I love her weirder, wild stuff better-the first five albums were amazing, The Dreaming being my absolute all time favourite.

Maybe iTunes has it, I can sample it before I decide to buy the physical product.

Yes, I know...Kate is not heavy metal and I said I'm a metal fan. I like lots of music, so long as it's not rap/hip-hip whatever the difference is.

Sorry for that back to your regularly scheduled knitting blog....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Aft

I think maybe the Aran will be ok. I basted it last night and didn't take into account it wasn't blocked yet. When I laid the back out on the dining room table and pinned it to the measurements, it opened up quite a bit so it's looking good. I won't know till I see how much the sleeves open when I block those which won't be for a few days. I'm using a damp towel and my dining room table to do this. I thought the quick & dirty method of steam from an iron didn't suit this. I'll do the two fronts next then the two sleeves.

I found THESE SOCKS a little while ago and love the rib pattern so I think this is what I'll start next with the Cherry Tree Hill yarn I got this past weekend. I'm attempting to do the crosses without a cable needle but it's making me all confused so I'll probably use the tiny cable needle I have. This is perfect for the size of the needle. I guess I'll start those in a while since I'm having left overs for supper, no need to cook tonight.

Maybe before I start the socks, I'll check the cable sampler pattern to see how much yarn I have to be sure it's enough. I may have to get a few more balls of yarn for it, which will be interesting considering I got the yarn for it about two years ago. I may only need 4 more balls at most and can easily mix that in with what I already have. I'm also thinking I'll use twisted rib on it since the sweater is perfect for that. I love twisted rib but have only ever used it on the zebra sweater. It seems too sporty for a lot of sweaters, but this cable sampler seems to be perfect for it.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

One Aran cardigan

Is done....I finished it while watching Harry Potter tonight. However, I think I may need to sell it. In my rush to make an Aran, I miscalculated the size and knit it to my chest measurement which means if I want to wear it over a bare chest, it should be fine. I should have made the large size. Which gives me pause for that damned cable sampler that is next on my list. It will be the third time I've knit that....the first time the yarn was too light and the weight of all the cables made it stretch down to my knees. I was so annoyed I cut it to pieces...I did it in colour...each panel was a different colour. The second time I knit it, two years ago, I don't know what went wrong but the cuffs were 5" total in circumfrence...that MAY fit a baby's wrist, not mine. FROG! This time will be correct...however, I need to make sure I knit the right size because if this one doesn't turn out,I am going to take it to someone to knit for me. I'm stubborn that way. I have drooled over this sweater since I first saw it in Vogue back in 1987 I think it was. I will have it before I die.

All in all, I am happy with the way the cardigan turned out. It looks fantastic! Jus too small for me...would fit a person with a 34" chest just fine. I'm a 40 now...I have to keep telling myself, I'm 38 years old now, I am no longer 17 :-(

In any event, I spent the remainder of Harry Potter winding the Cherry Tree Hill wool into a ball and looking for a sock pattern I like.

Hope you all had a productive weekend with your needles.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday S.E.X.

I got some S.E.X. today! Seems to be a Saturday ritual with us :-) I got some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. Even Chris commented how cool this red yarn looks and he hates flashy stuff or anything that will call attention to him. I was disappointed that Mountain Colours dropped "Painted Rocks" from the Barefoot line...they said they didn't like the way it was taking dye so they only make it in the 4/8's wool now. I love the yarn too much so I'll just use it for a pair of bulky socks, like the boot socks from International Male I loved so much as a teen.

Also looked for Elizabeth Zimmermann, anything by her. I've been knitting most of my life and have always herd so much about her. I've enjoyed her columns in Vogue Knitting magazine in the 80's when they had her articles. I'll settle in to read this at some point. I've been going great guns on my last sleeve.

Also managed to get something that I can't mention as it's not supposed to be on sale until Wednesday. :-)

OH YEAH.....I have a question for you knitters. What makes an Aran sweater an Aran sweater? I mean, I know the real ones originated in Ireland and they have certain patterns but is any heavily cabled sweater considered an Aran? Or is that just a cabled sweater/cable sampler?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sleeves and things

Well, I finished a sleeve last night. I decreased every 4th row instead of every other and it's spot on. I'll note that in the book in case I do another one...which I may need to. Not sure how well this one is going to fit. I chose a medium when I should have probably made a large. Which means, I may end up needing to sell it. We'll see. Hope not as I don't want to knit another of the same thing so soon but I do want it for this winter.

Have been having nightmares trying to switch over to DSL. I'd think twice if I were you if you're thinking of Verizon DSL. We were without a phone for two and a half days. I'm not even going to go into the phone games trying to get to the right people. As often as I'd firmly state I wanted a manager, I got put on hold. There has to be a commissioner of utilities or something. This is ridiculous. Needless to say, at this point I'd like to cancel DSL, get rid of Comcast, dump Verizon for Sprint or one of those and go with DirectWay since I already am a DirecTV subscriber. Their up-front costs tho are frightening but perhaps that may be the way to go. I've little faith in Verizon if I need tech support seeing how I've been treated thus far. You can talk to any HUMAN you want so long as you're placing an order or anything else that will put money in their pocket. Soon as you need help or run into trouble, you get automated systems and computers up with wazoo.

'Nuf's too aggravating to think about anymore than I have already.

Back to knitting!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New Label

I like this much better...tho I still like the crescent moon. The mood in this label fits me.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Clogs by Gucci, Socks by ME!

I think everybody in the immediate area got Comcast internet lately. I tried to post this about 3.30 PM but I couldn't get on line. Tomorrow Verizon is coming out, we signed up for Verizon...twice the speed for half the price. I hate cable companies anyway.

Anyhoo....Socks are done! WOO HOO! This is so frickin' cool! I love these and to think, if I hadn't spent so much time surfing all the knitting blogs I could find, I'd never have seen the epidemic of sock knitting and never would have tried them! There is A LOT more of this in my future! I'm addicted...they're relatively quick and the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, NOTHING feels like this yarn on your feet! This yarn is wonderful!

I have another hank of this yarn in blues. This yarn had a lot more purple when it was on the rack in the store, it didn't knit up that way though. There's also another hank of their yarn I got...I may need more of that though, it's not the same type of yarn. Can't wait to try a pair of cable socks! There was a nice pair in an old issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. The same issue my Zebra sweater came from. I should try those. I always drooled over those but they seemed too hard.

Now I havee to figure out the sleeve shaping on my cardi.