Sunday, November 06, 2005

One Aran cardigan

Is done....I finished it while watching Harry Potter tonight. However, I think I may need to sell it. In my rush to make an Aran, I miscalculated the size and knit it to my chest measurement which means if I want to wear it over a bare chest, it should be fine. I should have made the large size. Which gives me pause for that damned cable sampler that is next on my list. It will be the third time I've knit that....the first time the yarn was too light and the weight of all the cables made it stretch down to my knees. I was so annoyed I cut it to pieces...I did it in colour...each panel was a different colour. The second time I knit it, two years ago, I don't know what went wrong but the cuffs were 5" total in circumfrence...that MAY fit a baby's wrist, not mine. FROG! This time will be correct...however, I need to make sure I knit the right size because if this one doesn't turn out,I am going to take it to someone to knit for me. I'm stubborn that way. I have drooled over this sweater since I first saw it in Vogue back in 1987 I think it was. I will have it before I die.

All in all, I am happy with the way the cardigan turned out. It looks fantastic! Jus too small for me...would fit a person with a 34" chest just fine. I'm a 40 now...I have to keep telling myself, I'm 38 years old now, I am no longer 17 :-(

In any event, I spent the remainder of Harry Potter winding the Cherry Tree Hill wool into a ball and looking for a sock pattern I like.

Hope you all had a productive weekend with your needles.


Dave D said...

Ok, so are you going to post pictures of it so we can all see it? I saw some of your earlier posts, and now want to see it. You owe your audience!!!
Congrats on getting it done.

Jerry said...

It's not sewn together just yet. It will be a few days before it's blocked :-( I don't have a large enough area to block all the pieces at once. Soon as it's blocked, I'll grab a few pictures of it because even I was blown away when I basted it and saw the entire picture. Was very surreal to have seen the 2 my grandmother knit years ago and to see the same exact cardigan come out of my fingers.

Stay tuned, my friend...stay tuned ;-)