Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday S.E.X.

I got some S.E.X. today! Seems to be a Saturday ritual with us :-) I got some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. Even Chris commented how cool this red yarn looks and he hates flashy stuff or anything that will call attention to him. I was disappointed that Mountain Colours dropped "Painted Rocks" from the Barefoot line...they said they didn't like the way it was taking dye so they only make it in the 4/8's wool now. I love the yarn too much so I'll just use it for a pair of bulky socks, like the boot socks from International Male I loved so much as a teen.

Also looked for Elizabeth Zimmermann, anything by her. I've been knitting most of my life and have always herd so much about her. I've enjoyed her columns in Vogue Knitting magazine in the 80's when they had her articles. I'll settle in to read this at some point. I've been going great guns on my last sleeve.

Also managed to get something that I can't mention as it's not supposed to be on sale until Wednesday. :-)

OH YEAH.....I have a question for you knitters. What makes an Aran sweater an Aran sweater? I mean, I know the real ones originated in Ireland and they have certain patterns but is any heavily cabled sweater considered an Aran? Or is that just a cabled sweater/cable sampler?


Dave D said...

And were you at Windsor Button again? I found the Mind's Eye in porter Square. Interesting little shop. Lots of spinning stuff and some nice yarns.
Let me know how that book is, I've heard great things.

Jerry said...

We always seem to wind up at Windsor Button, even though I had no plans to go yesterday LOL! Also went to Woolcott.

Mind's Eye? Will have to check that one out next Saturday! I'm wondering if a trip to Uxbridge is worth it. Used to be a few yarn shops my gradnmother would go to there years and years ago. Not sure if they're still there or not.