Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Clogs by Gucci, Socks by ME!

I think everybody in the immediate area got Comcast internet lately. I tried to post this about 3.30 PM but I couldn't get on line. Tomorrow Verizon is coming out, we signed up for Verizon...twice the speed for half the price. I hate cable companies anyway.

Anyhoo....Socks are done! WOO HOO! This is so frickin' cool! I love these and to think, if I hadn't spent so much time surfing all the knitting blogs I could find, I'd never have seen the epidemic of sock knitting and never would have tried them! There is A LOT more of this in my future! I'm addicted...they're relatively quick and the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, NOTHING feels like this yarn on your feet! This yarn is wonderful!

I have another hank of this yarn in blues. This yarn had a lot more purple when it was on the rack in the store, it didn't knit up that way though. There's also another hank of their yarn I got...I may need more of that though, it's not the same type of yarn. Can't wait to try a pair of cable socks! There was a nice pair in an old issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. The same issue my Zebra sweater came from. I should try those. I always drooled over those but they seemed too hard.

Now I havee to figure out the sleeve shaping on my cardi.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I never understood why anyone would take the time to knit socks. But then another blogger came up with the "Real Women Knit Socks" challenge and I've never looked back. :)

They are a quick, easy knit and who doesn't love sweaters for their feet? Now if only I could teach my husband to knit his own.


Jerry said...

My grandmother refused to ever teach me how to knit socks. I wanted to try this about 20 years ago. She made a pair for my grandfather who never wore them. She said he complained they were uncomfortable-told me to buy them, it wasn't worth the effort to knit them.

I think, had she had the wonderful yarns we have now, she may have sung a differnet song. I think they are a lot of fun to knit.

Teach your husband-I'm sure you have some bargaining power!

Still think it's awesome you taught your son. 30 years from now this will be a very fond time for him to look back on!

Dave D said...

Nice clogs. I like the nail details around the edge. Those are great to show off your handmade socks. I still haven't gotten to make mine...yet.

Jerry said...

Dave- the clogs are great. I wish I got another pair or two when Gucci had them. They're two years old and obviously aren't being made anymore. I have a pair of black ones also. Will be buying another pair or two from clogs.com anyway, hope they're as comfortable-I live in these things they're so comfortable.

I think I hear a pair of cabled socks calling your name :)