Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Just how I like them. It was sort of a grey day and perfect for popping in a movie and knitting which is what I did. I finished a ribbed hat for my grandfather, now I have a scarf and one more pair of bloody slippers to do. I'm tired of those...but they go fast. Only takes me a couple hours I guess.

I got the house decorated for Christmas Friday and it looks so cool. I love how the house feels so magickal when it's all sparkling and lit up this time of year. I usually wait for a neighbour but this year I decided to hell with that, I like it and I'm doing it the day after Thanksgiving so that's what I did.

Yesterday Chris and I went to see Saw 2. I wasn't too keen on paying $7.00 (umm, regular price is $10, "bargain matinee" is 7 bucks. I fail to see where the bargain is????) since I liked the original but I wasn't wild about it. Forget it...Saw 2 BLOWS the original out of the water. To say it was brutal is an understatement, sadistic it was with a very liberal spattering of gore. It was a real on-the-edge-of-your-seat movie. Can't wait for the DVD to come out!I thought Chris was going to jump out of his skin-could hear his shallow breathing through most of it.

I think tomorrow I'm going to post an ad on eBay for my Aran. I'm not too confident it'll sell. I scanned there for Aran sweaters and there's a healthy dose of them there...all under $30. Most are selling for $24. "Hand Knit" can't buy the yarn for an Aran for $24. and to HAND KNIT IT and give it away for $24. ????? Maybe they machine knit them and still consider that hand knit? I dunno. I'll post it anyway, have nothing to lose but mine certainly won't be going for $24.

Sci Fi channel has a cool show on the Bermuda Triangle at 9 so I'm gonna go get washed up, get in my PJ's (yeah, I wear PJ's in the winter) and see what I can get myself into knitting. Come 9, I'll have a nice cup of tea and be ready for this Bermuda Triangle thing. That's always fascinated me. I used to work with someone who swore up and down that was the portal to Atlantis.


Dave Daniels said...

Hii, sound slike you had a great weekend. There was a time when I would have friends over on Thanksgiving, after family left, and we'd get drunk and decorate for Yule. It was so fun.
I agree, $24 is way too little for that gorgeous sweater. Your buttons probably cost more. Don't forget to post a link here so all your admiring fans can watch/bid on it. YOU MUST!!!

Gewel said...

Well, it is the portal to Atlantis... Innit... ?


Jerry said...

I remember days like that Dave....only it was more early Dec. and I'd have some buddies over, we'd throw on some heavy metal music, get progressively more and more wrecked as the day went on and decorate or wrap gifts and stuff. The first year we did that, the fake tree went up, upside was a riot! My dad was not amused when he got in from work that night tho LOL This was the first year I decorated that I didn't end up drunk. Getting too old for that now. My body can't handle it anymore.

I will post a link when I create my seller's acct. on eBay and get the sweater up there. I have admiring fans? :-) I need to get a map like Crochet Dude has. I'm curious about those who don't comment.

Jerry said...

Ginx...I've not gotten my invitation back to Atlantis, have you? Being a water sign (Pisces) I thought I'd have heard back by now??? I hope SciFi repeats it...I plum forgot about it and went to bed....I'm only 37 years old...I'm too young to be this forgetful LOL!

Celtic Knitter said...

Just found your blog and I bookmarked you! Sounds like you had a great day of knitting! I'm jealous . . . I should lock myself in my home and do that. Your pieces look amazing! I'll be back to read more now that I've discovered your blog.

Jerry said...

Hi Celtic...I had an ok day knitting. I'm getting tired of slippers and that stuff :-) I need to get back to my cable sampler sweater but I've got gifts to do so.....

Thanks for the compliments...I'm going to surf on over and check your blog out now.

Rain said...

Hope you get a sale on the Aran, it is really nice.

Keep going with those slippers, once they're done they're out of the way.

Huge thanks for putting my button on your blog!

FaerieLady said...

To answer your question about the mittenettes... pattern is here:

Mods to fit a man's hands are simple... instead of U.S. size 7 dpns, I used U.S. size 8s, and sized up the yarn from worsted to chunky. Actually, on those mittenettes, I used KnitPicks Merino Style (which is DK weight), two strands held together. One pair of mittenettes used two skeins.

Hope that helps!