Friday, November 04, 2005

Sleeves and things

Well, I finished a sleeve last night. I decreased every 4th row instead of every other and it's spot on. I'll note that in the book in case I do another one...which I may need to. Not sure how well this one is going to fit. I chose a medium when I should have probably made a large. Which means, I may end up needing to sell it. We'll see. Hope not as I don't want to knit another of the same thing so soon but I do want it for this winter.

Have been having nightmares trying to switch over to DSL. I'd think twice if I were you if you're thinking of Verizon DSL. We were without a phone for two and a half days. I'm not even going to go into the phone games trying to get to the right people. As often as I'd firmly state I wanted a manager, I got put on hold. There has to be a commissioner of utilities or something. This is ridiculous. Needless to say, at this point I'd like to cancel DSL, get rid of Comcast, dump Verizon for Sprint or one of those and go with DirectWay since I already am a DirecTV subscriber. Their up-front costs tho are frightening but perhaps that may be the way to go. I've little faith in Verizon if I need tech support seeing how I've been treated thus far. You can talk to any HUMAN you want so long as you're placing an order or anything else that will put money in their pocket. Soon as you need help or run into trouble, you get automated systems and computers up with wazoo.

'Nuf's too aggravating to think about anymore than I have already.

Back to knitting!

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Slang said...

Every region of the country has a Public Utilities Commission (sometimes called Public Service Commission.) You can lodge a complaint with them. I work for a telecom company, and believe me, we take those complaints seriously.

Good luck with your sweater!