Saturday, March 31, 2007


OK....It's Saturday night and I'm sitting here listening to W.A.S.P.'s 2004's effort "The Neon God Pt. 2: The Demise" I had planned to knit but I'm waiting for yarn to come for another Denim sweater. The yarn is on back order and expected in a couple weeks max. Boo Hoo! Yesterday also arrived a new pair of contact lenses so I think I now have every colour of the Ciba Radiance line. Autumn is my favourite, Sunrise is awesome too. Eden doesn't show much at all on me and I'm not sure about Moonlight. Sometimes it did and other times not so much when I had them before.

I started writing short stories again and wanted to write but it's after 11 now and I'm not sure I want to stay up until 3 AM writing.

I got bloody mad Thursday at my hair stylist. She did my roots as always but for the past few visits seems more and more distracted. For one thing, the cell phone needs to be locked away somewhere not in the shop-there's always a little too much chatter and not enough concentration. When you're putting bleach on my hair, I kinda expect full attention on my hair, not a phone call or who is being stood up or the details on a sofa and its cost. This time I paid for it hair looks like someone pissed on it. I have NEVER been this brassy and I've been bleaching it since I was 21-almost 20 years. She insists it's platinum-it's light but not quite that light. It's golden-I don't like it. I went to see her the next day and straight away, "I did exactly what I was supposed to.' Umm, no not really-you didn't leave it on long enough! Long story short, she got my cheque, ripped it up and threw it at me. She absolutely refused to take ANY responsibility which to me showed she knew she fucked up. This is MY fault? I don't think so. I wasn't looking for my money back, what I wanted was for her to say "We'll correct it next time." but she's insisting I got what I wanted.

No...I've been asking all along for rock & roll hair and I don't get it. How bloody hard can it be? That's ALL I WANT, I just want my rock & roll hair. Wild, unkempt platinum blond hair. I can sorta manage what I want on my own but I can't bleach it...I can't see in back to paint the crap on. So now I have to find a new place. Actually, I may have. I stopped in a mall (UGH!) and asked if they could help. They said no, not right now-I'd end up with major breakage and hair loss but they did ask why this woman didn't put a toner in it. [shrugging shoulders] She seems to think she can handle all tones of blond with bleach alone, I dunno. Usually she is spot on, this time she was too worried about other crap. She's bloody lucky my hair didn't burn off but that's ok. She wants to throw away a 17 year relationship, fine with me. I've decided I think I'm done with foils too...I want my whole head done from now on.

I've been sorely tempted to colour it purple again, that would take care of the problem nicely-I've got the manic panic colours but I've got my eye on someone and don't want to scare him. He doesn't know me yet and I can be pretty wild when the mood strikes. And I like the blond, I don't WANT it purple. Not all of it anyway. Instead, I've been forced to wear my top hat out which I've never been comfortable with. I like it but I just don't think hats are me. Funny how bad hair changes your mind and you adapt ;-)

This photo is a few years old but I got bitten by the *MOON* bug ;-) I decided to mess with my photo. I'm debating weather I want to be bothered with the maintenance of going snow white like Johnny Rod of W.A.S.P. fame. Google him-he was HOT!!!!!! God I loved him. He's a paramedic in PA now. Hmmm.....he can work on me any time but I don't think I got what he's after :-/ It looked so good on him but it's such an incredible PITA to maintain.
I was platinum before-the upkeep grew old REAL fast but it looks so bloody good. Well, it did when I was 21.

I'm rambling now...have a good night ;-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank you and I'm sorry

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on Patrick. I've tried to post comments to your blogs-Moon and Sue and Blogger isn't letting me long in. If I try the new account it cycles endlessly on the password and if I try my old account, it tells me I've switched to the new blogger.

I think I need to get away from this and go some place else to blog. Blogger screwed itself but good. It never ceases to amaze me how they can fuck up a good thing in the blink of an eye. Commenting is messed up, spell check does not work-did they even bother to check this all out before they forced it upon us?

In meantime, I've ordered more Denim yarn and am tossing two designs around from the same book Patrick came from. Not sure which one I'll do-both require the same amount of yarn. One is called Seahorse and the other is the very last one in the Denim book...the very casual V neck with the garter st. borders.

I started knitting a Nancy Bush sock...I've got about half a "Friday harbour" sock done (I think that's the name of it?) and it's going to be too small to fit my foot. I'll rip it tomorrow maybe.

I started a "100 things about me" and am about half done with it. maybe I'll have it done for whatever I end up with a new blog.

Other than that....I'm just lusting after one of these cars. I want a Lotus Esprit. Pity I can't drive a manual. I'm thinking of learning just so I can rent one of these this summer. Im tired of drooling over it-I want to drive it before I become too old and lok as ridiculous behind the wheel as the white haired grandpas driving Corvettes. I'm not all that far away from that age bracket. YIKES! YOu can see this baby in action best in Basic Instinct. Julia Roberts also drove one in the beginning of Pretty Woman. Sharon Stone looked better tho ;-)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Patrick is done

Patrick is finally done. Aside from a 6 or 8 week detour where I was wrapped up playing Second Life every bloody waking moment, it didn't take all that long. This is the best picture I could get. Started Oct. '06, finished March of '07, would have been February if not for Second Life.

All I can say is this is such a satisfying achievement. It was a lot of fun to know and certainly keeps you on your toes. If I did it again, I may make it an inch or two shorter. it's supposed to be this long but it just makes me think of the girls in the 80's who wore sweater dresses, tights, spiked heels and a real thick belt round the waist. A great look...but I am not a female nor do I wish to be ;)

Can't decide weather to make another cotton sweater for summer or order some wool for a saddle shoulder gem from Knit Picks. I'm looking back through some 80's knitting books too (I can hear the groans LOL!) and may do one of those just for fun. There was nothing about the 80's I didn't love-the clothes, the hair, the music-everything...was the best. Hasn't been another decade that has come close to the fun of the 80's.

Gosh I look grumpy. I'm really not that grumpy LOL! I was very happy when this was taken.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Still Alive

I'm still alive LOL! Today I was determined to knit and stayed the hell off Second Life.

At 7,58 PM tonight, just as my DVD of Basic Instinct ended, I cast off the last stitch of the main knitting on Patrick. WOOT! WOOT!

Tomorrow I will tie off the loose joins and stitch the one shoulder,wash it and see how it shrinks up.Then all that is left is to knit the patterned collar and I can wear it! WOO HOO!!!!!

I think while I've got the enthusiasm, I'm going to put in the animated movie Flushed Away and knit a square so I an shrink it with the sweater. This yarn does shrink up quite a bit according to the instructions. I need a washed and dried block for repairs if I need it.

LOL! Blogger still can't get its shit together with the spell checker. Doesn't work. Hmm.....WACH AUF BLOGGER!