Tuesday, September 26, 2006

For Moon

I dunno why, when I saw this guy, I thought of my friend Moon. Isn't he the best Moon? I have to admit, I'm glad the latex is painted green, if it were flesh coloured, it would be just too creepy. I'm used to him now but when I bought him, he was scary. His eye follow you when you walk and..well...he just awesome :-) Click on him to make him bigger to get a better idea of just how creepy he is. When you walk by him, you always get the feeling you're going to feel a bony hand reach out & grab your ankle. His hands are hidden under the leaves.

I'm knitting an Aran sweater pillow block :-) I'll post details a bit later.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cable jacket

I finished this morning on this. I had to rip it out and re-knit it as it was WAY oversized and stretched to the floor. Came out MUCH better the second time around.

I'm on the fence as to weather or not I like the yarn. I can tell you it will snag on ANYTHING you have on your body. Earrings, rings, anything around your neck. There's some pulls in mine already, damnit! It's a very spongy icord type yarn. I'm not sure I'd use this yarn again although it comes in gorgeous colours.

Take note of the buttons....I got a hankering to try polymer clay stuff after seeing some absolutely gorgeous jewellery on the Carol Duvall show. I found out it's not all that easy to do the cane work but I did sculpt a cute little penguin, skull and decided I wanted to try making my own buttons so that's what I did.

I combined metallic gold and hazelnut Sculpey clay and got a swirl going that I liked. I then cut 1" circles from it and painted them with mica powders that matched the colours in the yarn pretty close. Baked them and and I just sewed them on this morning.

I love the jacket, and the weather has been chilly enough in the mornings that I got to wear it out this morning :-)