Friday, November 11, 2005

Rowan, Gauge, and frustration

I finally got the Classic Winter book from Rown I've been frothing at the mouth for. Have to make that cable sweater on the cover! Too bad the model doesn't come with it ;-) I'm just sayin'......Also love the fingerless gloves and the sock/slipper/leg warmers in that book. If I get to knit all the stuff I want to, I'm going to need a house just to store all these sweaters in.

So I pulled out the Holiday '87 issue of Vogue Knitting to knit the swatch for the cable sampler. Mind you, this will be the third time I'll have knitted this. I'm beginning to think someone is trying to tell me this one isn't for me. I've knit the gauge swatch on the 10.5 it calls for, went down to 10's, then down to 9's. I can't get the gauge. I refuse to go to a size 8...that's too small a size to knit with two strands of DK weight yarn. If I have to pay someone to knit this for me, that's what I'll do but I WILL wear this sweater before the winter is over. That sweater is fun to knit but three times now? I'm getting tired of it.

I wish I had knit that back in 1987 when I could have gotten the Aarlan yarn it calls for. I'm using Jaeger DK yarn for it and while that's nice, the Aarlan looked much nicer. I wasn't knitting in '87 though, I had met my soon to be ex at that time LOL!

The new Kate Bush album wasn't worth it. I don't like it...her career was over after Hounds of Love...or The Whole Story if you count a Best Of collection as an album. I'll listen to the old, wacky, odd stuff she was doing back in the 80's. I still think The Dreaming was her finest hour...that was an incredible album! My favourite of hers.

I ripped that sock back I posted last night. I didn't like the way the ribbing pattern was looking so I'll re-do it and put a small cable down the sides.

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