Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Knitting Factory

That's what I feel like. I've done all these SLIPPERS and two HATS. I have a couple more hats to go and I think I will be done? Oh yeah...I've got a scarf to make too. I'm not sure I can afford to sleep, but I guess maybe it's good that I knit fast.

I also got two balls of yarn from Carodan Farm which I'll use to make socks at some point. I need to get some plain yarn so I can try cabled socks but all these colourways are just too interesting and wild for me to pass up.

Over the weekend, I found a video I had of Kaffe Fassett. It's six episodes of his tv show, Glorious Colour, he had done in the mid 80's for chamomile 4 in the UK. He is so inspirational and so very calming to watch. I'd love to spend a month with him to see if any of it would rub off on me. It almost made me want to do another of his designs. There's a jacket from the Glorious Knits book but I'm just not into spending another 13 years on a sweater. I need to transfer that video to DVD since I'm not sure they can be found again and I'd hate to lose them.

I got Polar Express too yesterday. I've wanted to see that since I first saw the trailer on Apple's web site. I was not disappointed, it was brilliant! Made me feel things about Christmas I haven't felt since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I think I'll watch it again tonight.

I know there's more stuff I wanted to say but can't think at the moment.


Dave Daniels said...

Good for you for getting all that knitting done. And that Limbo yarn looks great. What weight is it? Looks like it owuld make a nice hat. Or a scarf even.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Kyra said...

You're going to love that Limbo. Your socks will knit up super fast with it. PS - the slippers turned out great. I love the colors and being made out of Red Heart, they will survive a nuclear war!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Fassett makes me feel like there is a realm into which he has gone, but that I can't comprehend yet.

KnitSteph said...

Holy Schmokes! You are a knitting factory!

Hope you had a wonderful Turkey day!

Jerry said...

Dave...It's nice to have some no-brainers to knit once in a while but I'm getting bored with it and want to get back to my cable sampler :-) The Limbo yarn I thought was sock weight but is more like a sport weight. Will just be bulky socks which is fine with me! Or maybe a scarf! Or even arm warmers? Who knows :-)

Jerry said...

Kyra- LOL! The slippers will last a lifetime in Red Heart-it's great for slippers, not much else. The lighter pair (colour was called "Watercolour") felt like I dunno what...nasty but the other two were fine.

Can't wait to start the Limbo yarn! It feels nice!

Jerry said...

Drew- Fassett is a one and only kinda guy. I find incredible beauty in his work, I feel very tranquil while watching him on the videos I have of his UK tv show and wish I possessed half his creativity. I just feel bad I will never knit another of his designs...just too much work for this boy.

Jerry said...

Hey Steph! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! It was quiet here which is nice. I cooked for my dad and I.

Knitting factory isn't the word and still no end in sight...wish some of y'all lived closer-this would be a fun time for a S&B.