Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Aft

I think maybe the Aran will be ok. I basted it last night and didn't take into account it wasn't blocked yet. When I laid the back out on the dining room table and pinned it to the measurements, it opened up quite a bit so it's looking good. I won't know till I see how much the sleeves open when I block those which won't be for a few days. I'm using a damp towel and my dining room table to do this. I thought the quick & dirty method of steam from an iron didn't suit this. I'll do the two fronts next then the two sleeves.

I found THESE SOCKS a little while ago and love the rib pattern so I think this is what I'll start next with the Cherry Tree Hill yarn I got this past weekend. I'm attempting to do the crosses without a cable needle but it's making me all confused so I'll probably use the tiny cable needle I have. This is perfect for the size of the needle. I guess I'll start those in a while since I'm having left overs for supper, no need to cook tonight.

Maybe before I start the socks, I'll check the cable sampler pattern to see how much yarn I have to be sure it's enough. I may have to get a few more balls of yarn for it, which will be interesting considering I got the yarn for it about two years ago. I may only need 4 more balls at most and can easily mix that in with what I already have. I'm also thinking I'll use twisted rib on it since the sweater is perfect for that. I love twisted rib but have only ever used it on the zebra sweater. It seems too sporty for a lot of sweaters, but this cable sampler seems to be perfect for it.

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