Saturday, February 03, 2007


Somehow I managed to sign in FINALLY under my old Blogger. I refuse to switch to the new one but in meantime...if anybody understands how to change templates and doesn't mind helping me, can you please leave a comment so I can get in touch with you? I'd like to change this before I'm forced to switch to the new blogger at which point, I'm most likely going to delete this and disappear. I lost a lot of readers anyway when I stopped knitting over the summer. LOL! Who can knit when it's 90 degrees and just as humid? In any event, I refuse to open yet another new account just to blog. If my current one I set this up with isn't good enough, then that's Bloggers problem, not mine. That is insane anyway-I'd like to know exactly what Google gets out of this to be forcing the use of their account to remian with blogger. I hardly ever use google anyway. My favourite search is and my second favourite is I never will understand why they have to go screw with something that donesn't need fixing in the first place.

Hope you guys had a good day. I wasted mine in front of this infernal machine instead of knitting like I had planned to do.

Currently playing in iTunes ~ Erotic City...Prince & Sheila E.

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