Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tumbling Blocks

I am finally free of this damn sweater. I finished it a couple weeks ago. I started this Kaffe Fasset gem thirteen years ago while I was on the Prodigy network. I found a knitting group there and so many of them were Kaffe nuts. I fell in love with this sweater and my mom ordered the kit for me. December 1992 is when I started it and with all the bobbins dangling in back from all these colours, I was sure it would drive me mad. I have never enjoyed anything LESS than I did knitting this. If not for the fact my mom bought me the kit, which was very expensive as it's all Rowan yarns in silks and wools, I'd have surely thrown this in the trash.

I'm glad I finished is a beautiful sweater but I will NEVER, EVER touch another Kaffe Fassett sweater again. They're just too much colour and TOO much work. I don't enjoy that.

I only wish my mom were still alive to see it done. She only got to see the back completed.

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