Friday, October 28, 2005


I had to frog about 16 rows on my Aran. I did a bit on it this morning and noticed I hadn't been consistent with the decreasing on the right front. DAMNIT! I'm glad I caught it now, at least. I'd hate to get up to the shoulder and wonder why it wasn't right. That's gave me something different to do LOL! I've got all weekend to catch up now. And the best part is...we go back to STANDARD TIME! An extra hour of knitting! :) I've never been a fan of daylight savings time. I guess I'm weird that way...I love when it gets dark early.

I called Lisa yesterday and Chris and I went over there last night. She called her sister, Tillie, down. I was hoping we'd all get to stitch (and bitch!) but we mostly sat round the table and talked. I did bring my second sock and got a bit of the ribbing done. I also brought a skein of scrap yarn and asked Tillie if she could teach Chris to crochet. I tried but he didn't seem to grasp it. I guess I'm losing my edge. She chained some and started him off with a row of single crochet...made him continue and he got it. It just made me realise when I teach my cousin Linda to knit, I'll cast on and show her garter stitch and make her do that for a while, then teach her stockinette stitch then maybe to cast on and bind off. I think it's all too much at once.

This made Chris want to get his own hook and his own yarn. I told him to wait and go with me to Windsor Button tomorrow. I need to go and get some wool as my dad's birthday is next week and I need to make him a couple hats. One will be just a plain ribbed one,another will be stockinette st. with a cable band. I'm debating weather to call my cousin and see if she wants to go pick out a yarn and a set of needles and maybe teach her some knitting tomorrow. With her, it's probably best to plan this in advance.

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