Sunday, October 16, 2005

Jacket/Camisole set

This popped in my mind when I was eating supper an hour ago. In the early 80's, I had knit an intricately cabled jacket and camisole set for my mom. I forget what I did it for, it may have been for an event she was going to or it may have just been because she was my mom and I wanted to. I found the jacket, I can't find the camisole. She may not have kept them together, though that's unlike her. I'll keep looking for it.

Anyway, this has been sitting in a drawer for who know how many years, I can't remember her wearing it outside of a few times after I had given it to her. The cables are a bit wrinkled from being folded. The sleeve caps are puffed up, it looked nice. This was knit in 100% cotton yarn. For some reason, I want to say it was Bernat yarn. Whatever it was, I found I didn't care for knitting with cotton. It's difficult to work with, has no give at all so you really have to make sure your not knitting tight which I always did back then.

If I had thought of this set two and a half years ago, I may have buried my mother wearing this. I wish I could find the book this came from. I'd like to adapt the cable for something else. It was really sharp looking and fun to work up. There's a lot of my knitting books from back then I can't find. They're in my dad's attic somewhere.......I hope! A lot of memories tied up in those books.

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Very pretty cables!!

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