Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One Sock Down...One to go

I enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to! I started this late Sunday afternoon and just finished it tonight. I still don't have my speed up on double pointed needles but it'll get there. I've never used them before.

So I learnt two new techniques...Knitting on dp's and grafting the toe closed on this sock which was a bitch and a half. The yarn is really soft (Mountain Colours Barefoot) so it tended to pull the stitches around the needle when I was going from the front to the back needle. The yarn is so dark I can't really tell if I did the grafting right. It's confusing. I'll need to practise it more.

I really loved turning the heel on's so cool to watch it happen and then see the gusset take shape. The worst part of the sock was at the toe when you're decreasing and have fewer and fewer stitches. I was certain a needle was going to fall out.

Anyway, here's a couple pictures of the sock. Its mate will have to wait...I really need to get some time in on my Aran cardigan. I miss that, but then....The other sock may call to me quite loudly and I won't be able to resist starting it. This is why I can't start more than one project at a time. LOL!

Thanks KnitSteph! You really were the one who got my ass in gear for these. When I saw the yarn you used, I had to see if I could find it around here. It is delicious!

I think I'm a sock-a-holic now! First one ever in all the years I've been knitting. What the hell did I wait this long to try one for????


Dave D said...

Jerry, that turned out excellant for a first sock. I havne't gotten to the socks yet, but soon. I am mastering cables, and made a successful set this evening. Easier than I thought. I love working on DPNs, I learned to knit on them, so they are comfortable.
Post pics of your Aran. Would love to see that.

Dan said...

Hey, nice choice of yarn for socks (both fiber type and colorways - Mountain Colors always has nice yarn). I am curious what size DPNs you used for them? I also prefer using DPNs as much as possible (hats, mittens, socks); they make the project nice and portable (which is good for bringing along with me on the bus to work - my main knitting time during the day).

Jerry said...

Thanks Dave! I didn't think it would come out so hot for a first try. I'd always heard how hard socks were. I found it rather easy.

My Aran pictures are here. Click the October archives button and you'll see them. There's a pic of the back and a close up of it in one post, another post has a picture of one of the fronts. I had just started the cardigan when I started this blog.

Jerry said...

Hi Dan....That yarn was beautiful! First saw it on KnitSteph's blog and wanted to see if I could get it locally. I'll have to make socks in all their colours now :-)

I used size 2 dp's for the pattern (Universal sock pattern). DP's are brilliant! I love them!

Still haven't been brave enough to knit in public. Soon...Next time I take Amtrak to NYC, I'll take a pair of socks to knit :-)

Keith said...

Good going Jerry. I got into knitting about 10 years ago and socks are a favorite. Perfect travel stuff. One ball of fine sock yarn and you're good to go for a while. BTW, you knit FAST! As for knitting in public, I hear you, but I also felt that the time was too good to waste. I knit all the time on planes and I'll be on Amtrak Monday going from NYC to Albany for a night and I can't wait for the down time. Trust me, I have NEVER had any negative comments, and even the men seem fascinated. Life's too short, guy. No one ever wishes they spent more time caring about what everyone else thought. Go for it.

KnitSteph said...

Welcome to the wonderful addiction that is sockknitting!!

Hope you have many more PAIRS in your future!!


Tallguy said...

Socks rock! I love knitting socks, and got a pair on the go right now. Just turned the heel, working on the gusset, and it's on the way home now!

Grafting is not that hard at all! There all sorts of different ways to do them -- try them all, see which one you like. Check into the "chimney" that Lucy Neatby uses, and maybe the YarnHarlot as well. It's really slick.

Do you use 4 or 5 needles? I like four on the sock (makes a nice square) and I have a couple others that I can use when needed. I find there is less pulling from one needle to another that way. And I have two for the front, two for the back. And sometimes two more when doing the gusset! Doesn't matter; it works!

We tell everyone that socks are really hard to do, but we don't want EVERYONE doing them! But if you can knit, you can do socks. And great yarns make for pleasant work.

Jerry said...

Hey Keith! One ball of sock yarn isn't lasting me long enough :) I want more, more more :D I wish Mountain Colours did a yarn of the month (sock of the month) club :p

I will definitely take a pair of socks to work on next time I go someplace that allows time to knit. You're right about not caring what people think.

I'd love to see some of the stuff you're you have a blog?

Jerry said...

Hey Tall Guy! Will look into the sites you mentioend for grafting. I'm sure it's very easy once it clicks. I used 3 needles on these until the gusset, then it was 4. I find 4 easier myself.

I'll be sure to continue the fallacy about socks being hard LOL!

Bethe said...

Great job on the sock! I love the color and Mountain Colors is just plain wonderful. Socks are completely addictive - Have fun with them!