Friday, October 21, 2005

Ghosts from the past

I frogged a bit on the left front of the cardigan, the second set of buttonholes looked off. The one in the facing was too close and wasn't going to match the one on the front itself so I ripped and did it 3 stitches in instead of the 1 the pattern called for. This pattern has problems. I wish I could figure out what year the book was published, it's old. Early 60's maybe? Late 50's? I dunno.

I'm dreaming of doing socks now...Thanks you all! LOL! Have been spending a while in the morning surfing around looking at socks and different yarns. Maybe tomorrow I'll go into Boston and see if I can find a yarn I like. There's one definite I want that I'll order on line. It looks gorgeous.

I was thinking, I've got a bunch of patterns I printed off the net, a lot from the early 90's when I was on Prodigy. I have them folded up and stuffed wherever. It hit me this morning, I have Adobe's InDesign...I can make a neat little book with them and have them all in one place. I could even lay them out in InDesign and send it off to Apple to have them print it out as a hardbound book although I'll most likely just print it out myself. I can easily do duplex printing on my laser printer.

I miss the stitch & bitch sessions we used to have in the early 80's. I guess today was nostalgic for me. I was thinking of my mom and how I miss her and then thought of the 4 or 5 nights a week we'd go to Tillie's and her sister Lisa would join us. The three of them crochet, I was the lone knitter though my mom would someteims knit as well. Those were fun times. I can't remember the exact order they aired but I remember Wednesday nights we'd be watching Dynasty while we did our stuff. I forget what was on Thursday, Dallas? Fridays was Knots Landing and Falcon Crest. I can't remember what we'd watch Tuesday. The only night we didn't go to Tillie's was Mondays. She played Bingo Monday nights.

While I've gone down there a few times recently and brought my knitting, it's never come to that. We've just all sat round the table and talked. I miss the old days.


Dave D said...

Soscks can be a lot of fun. Even though I haven't finished any yet, they can be fairly fast, and there is almost a Zen quility to using four DPN bamboo needles. I'm looking to make a really thick pair, something like the Afgan socks I would by at the hippy head shops back in the 70's. Those were really nice.

Jerry said...

If you have success with the thick socks, I'd like to see them, Dave. This got me thinking I'd love to make a real thick pair like International Male used to sell back in the 80's, the "boot sock." They were thick and slouchy...I loved those! Just a basic sock pattern is all I'd need I guess.