Sunday, December 11, 2005

Limbo Socks

I really like the way the colours knitted up. I finished these last night and was too lazy to get up and take a picture. Talk about cutting it real close, one ball of yarn JUST made one sock so it worked out well. I was praying I'd not have to order a ball just to do a couple of rows as I thought I was going to have to do.

I think next pair I make will be a solid colour. Well, maybe not-I still have that red ball of Cherry Tree Hill yarn to work up, then maybe a pair of solid colour socks. Oh wait, no! I just remembered there's a very funky pair of socks I saw that I have to try. They're so unusual that I have no choice but to try them.

I've also been going out of my gourd looking for a composition book I had stated writing a ton of poetry in last winter. I had some very good stuff in there that I cannot get back and I can't imagine what the hell I did with it. It's sort of a need to have it. It goes along with why I have been listening to Teena Marie non-stop the past week. Here's one haiku that I wrote from that book. I had saved a few on my Mac but not all of them. I've got to find that book.

Frosted tulip glows
Twinkling on a stem of gold
My heart is there too


Rain said...

You lazy so-and-so ;)

They've turned out great, glad you had enough yarn, there's nothing worse than running out with so little to go

Celtic Knitter said...

Funky socks!
Yeah, I hate running out of yarn! I'm really nervous that a sweater I'm making now is not going to have enough yarn . . .and to make it worse I'm rushing for Christmas.

Jerry said...

LOL Rain....The more I look at the socks, the more I love the sort of drunken zig zag in the yarn. Running out would have made me crackers. What would I do with 48.5 grams of yarn if I had to buy another ball?

Jerry said...

Celtic...hope you make it to the end of your sweater without running out. It's maddenng, isn't it?! Going to post a pic of it after the holidays?

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

A knitter and a poet! What don't you do? ;)

Jerry said...

Hiya Queen~ Hmm, I don't relax, that's one thing I don't do LOL! I'm getting quiote upset as I can't seem to locate that composition book. I hope it wsan't ina pil eof magazines or junk that met my temper-it's apt to be in a trash heap now :-( This is really bothering me

FaerieLady said...

Those are wonderfully funky socks! Makes me wish they were taking up room in *my* sock drawer...

Of course, I wouldn't have this type of sock lust if I actually finished the socks I have on the needles, now would I?

Don't answer that... it's a rhetorical question, and a non-truth!

Andy's Crafts said...

Very nice Job Jerry. The socks are great looking ,the colors are outstanding. One of my projects for next year.

Dave Daniels said...

Great socks, Jerry. And I can't believe you know AND listen to Teena Marie! I've been listening to her since the 70's I think. lol That is too funny.

Jerry said...

Thank you Dave.

"You know who you are, you know what you've been
You know that your feathers tickle/hurt my skin
You know I'm the brown sugar covered with snow
And magnetisms animal you know"

Sing it T! Just one of my favourite songs from her