Thursday, December 01, 2005

Aran For Sale

I realise this is rather ridiculous to list this for sale on a knitting blog. Why would a knitter pay this for a sweater they could knit themselves? I've sat here with Chris trying to figure out eBay...there's no way to list this as a unisex item-if a man is looking for a gift for his girlfriend, will it click this could be a woman's sweater if it's listed under menswear? Likewise, if it's listed under women's wear, would it dawn on someone it is also suitable for a man? Also, they nickel and dime you to death-too many damn fees and I'm not making eBay rich on my stupidity - I'd sooner cut this Aran to ribbons and throw it in the trash first. Which is what I've a feeling is going to happen.

That said...if any of you know someone who has a young adult that they'd like to buy a very nice gift for, this is the item. Pictures of it can be seen under the HEARTBROKEN heading....dated 13 November, 2005. It would probably fit a young adult wearing a medium. Man or woman with a 34" chest.

Measurements for it are as follows:

Upper back @ shoulders---14"
Back width @ underarm---- 20"
Front, buttoned, @ underarm---20"
Length, waist to underarm---13"
Length, shoulder to waist---23"
Sleeve width @ underarm---14 1/2"
Sleeve length, shoulder to wrist---28 1/2
Cuff measures 4" total, folded up for finished length of approx. 2"
Wrist--- 7"

Selling price is $200.

The buttons are made of genuine leather and are 'braided'. The wool is 100% virgin wool and contains the natural lanolin


Dave Daniels said...

Jerry, I feel your pain. When I deceided to sell some of my quilts so I could buy a spinning wheel, EBay sucks for me. I did have success just selling them from my site, and folks sending checks. No fancy check out, no PayPal, etc.
You sweater is superb! You should be able to sell it right from here with no trouble. It's heirloom quility, hand knit, and pure wool. And the buttons are fantastic.

Jerry said...

Thanks Dave. eBay has lost a lot of credibility with me over the past couple years with some of the crap I've seen selling there. They certainly don't make it 'easy' to sell, there's a lot of room for improvement there.

Thanks for the compliments. Perhaps someone will end up with a gift to treasure, or maybe it'll end up a pillow, a scarf or even in the trash.

Tallguy said...

That is an incredible sweater! You have much to be proud of. Just because it doesn't fit YOU doesn't mean you did poorly. After all, we often find the person to fit our work AFTER it's done! hehe

You CAN block the hell out of a sweater and make it fit someone that has "expanded" over the years! I know, it's been done! But selling it is a good idea, and don't sell yourself short on it. It is a beautiful piece of work, and you should really be very proud of it!

Sean said...

Hmmm...I've always had great success on eBay. But I didn't know that unisex thing. Maybe there's a way around it.

Anyway, the sweater is amazing. You'll sell it in no time!

Jerry said...

Tall...I could block the hell out of it and that thought crossed my mind but it's much too tight at the underarm for me. The sleeves don't fit right. I'd much rather knit another one that is larger although I'd really rather find the one my gradnmother knit so many years ago.

Thank you for the compliments, I am very proud of it. I just wish I had double checked the size before I jumped right in LOL! I was too excited at the thought of all those different cables & couldn't wait to get twisting.

Jerry said...

Hiya Sean...I guess I just wasn't in the mood for eBay. It hit me the wrong way yesterday when we tried to muddle thorugh the form. I also didn't care for the fact they charge you to set a reserve price and wether or not the item sells, you are charged that.

Thank yuu for the compliment. maybe we'll all get together for a frogging party LOL!