Thursday, September 20, 2007

Short Rows

SO I decided to try doing the short row technique for shoulders. I always hated the stair step edge as they looked like crap and were often too bulky when seaming them together. I picked up the technique pretty easily, it wasn't has hard as I thought it would be BUT...

What do you do when the back shoulders have more stitches than the front shoulders? On my back piece for this sweater, I have 4 more stitches on each shoulder than the front. I have re-done it several times and it seems to be right. Now I don't know if I'm better off ripping it all back and doing the damn stair step way OR using a 3 needle cast off and knitting two together evenly spaced on the back needle. I cannot graft the shoulder seams since there's more stitches on the back than the front. I don't understand this LOL!

It looks like my place in Ravelry may be coming over the weekend. I hope so! I've got a lot of yarn to catalogue there. The invites are going faster than I thought.

In other news, my doctor called me yesterday to inform me...I have gallstones. WTF???! I don't fit the profile for them and I was never big in dairy. I have decided all this bullshit on tv and in the magazines and stuff is just that...BULLSHIT. I eat right (salmon & other oily fish, lots of sushi and skinless chicken mostly), hardly ever eat red meat, don't drink excessively (tho I had my bouts of very heavy drinking in my late 20's thru early 30s), never touch fried foods or ice cream, I don't use salt at all. Snacks for me usually consist of salads or broccoli or celery or a nice big tomato sprinkled with garlic powder and olive oil and I end up with gallstones, high cholesterol and a hernia. Go figure. I was sort of intent on telling my doctor I want my gall bladder out NOW before any attacks happen but I'm being told by friends they won't do apparently, I need to suffer excruciating pain of an attack before they'll remove it. I got one word for that....PERCODAN!!! COPIOUS amounts of Percodan.

I've been reading labels since I was in my early 20's, I've been a MAJOR PITA with my diet eating only healthy stuff-genetics suck LOL! BUT it could be worse so I'm not too upset, just really baffled.

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