Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leaving...On A Jet plane

Off to Ohio to go ride some coasters. Got a 10 AM flight and am freaking out. I wanna be on the Motley Crue jet getting wrecked with Nikki and Tommy so I don't know or care we're in an impossibly heavy suppository. I want the rock & roll BLARING. I'll take a Xanax about a half hour before we're set to take off. On an empty stomach it hopefully will chill my ass out some but given what happened Saturday on two of them, I dunno. It may have no effect at all.

Thinking I may be done with the platinum too. She's WAY over processing me all of a sudden. The last two times she's bleached me up to white and that's a BIG no-no. Now it's starting to break off in front and I'm just so done with this-I can't lose anymore. She was doing great at first...dunno what's up now. She knows better too. I'm going for extensions when we get back. UGH1 THe older I get the more high maintenance I get. Does this shit ever stop? Youth honestly really is wasted on the young.

SO...I'm wondering how long after take off I can put my iPod on? I don't see what the deal is with an iPod. Mobile phones I do...that damn thing interferes with my computer speakers, my television, my radio....I totally get the mobile phone but whatever. a few hours I'll FINALLY get to ride a stand up coaster. I've done floorless, I've done traditional sit downs, I've done inverted, I've done launched (God I miss you Chiller-Mark Shapiro you bastard!), I've even done 'em laying down staring straight at the ground below...never done a stand up. Gonna be wild! :D

I was gonna put Kickstart My Heart here but I used that one below. shrugging shoulders

OK, I'm off...this is fear making me ramble now. See y'all on Wednesday

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