Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well...I'm speechelss, crafters make the best Christmas gift passages.I was so happy to make the new friends I did on Ravlery but the couple who sent me presents just really made it extra special. If I get spacy I just popped two tranquillisers-not even on Christmas can I relax-suffice to say I am going to start looking into moving to Manhattan. If it's a safe haven for immigrants who barely hve two nickels to rub together, there's no reason on earth I can't make the place I've always felt was home BE HOME. In have got to get the fuck out of this ghetto. I can't take it anymore-aside from the round the clock mental anguish, the health effects of what this is doing to me scares the piss out of me. Not going there-I don't want to get riled up. I hate Boston and I hate Massachusetts I don't plan to stay her any longer than absolutely necessary; I always have been a New York CIty boy and if it's the last fucking thing on eath I do, I am going to live there. But it MUST be Manhattan. Not Brooklyn, Not Queens-if it's not Manhattan, there's no point in moving.

Anyway....first package I opened was from my friend Liz as she was the first parcel I received in the post. It was this unusual and pretty wax burner. It uses soy 'seeds' unlike the big round wax tarts like what Yanke Candle sells.I've not used it yet but am going to tomorrow. It looks pretty as you can mix and match and layer then and what not to create pretty custom scents. Next up was Megann with the second parcel. I had no idea she did glass work as well so when I saw this gorgeous slumped candle holder, I got warm fuzzies inside. I've always admired people do did slumping, it takes glass to a whole new level and it must be frickin' cool to end and twist glass into share. She sent some scented votives to go along with it ;-) I've already burnt one. I about had a heart attack when I saw the skein of Wollmeise she sent me. OMG, the colourway is spectacular-Claudia really is amazing with her colours and this is beautiful. Will have to look around for some really special sock to make with it. The teas are new to me, I never had chocolate tea before and now I have a new tea place to add to my bookmarks to check out when it's time to order. The chocolate/spearmint tea is unbelievably good!

Next up is my friend Lorraine. The pickle ornament was sweet. It's got roots in Germany that says it was hidden among the tree and whoever found it was granted a very special Christmas present. I didn't have to look for a needle in a haystack-I found some wonderful new knitting friends on Ravelry. Then the marzipan pig...this brought back a lot of sweet memories of when I was little and my grandparents would take me into the "North End" of Boston...Little Italy for all intents and purposes back then. There'd they'd buy me all these amazingly colourful and beautiful hand painted Marzipan treats/ornaments. There ere snowman and christmas balls and sleds and stuff like that...problem was, they really were so beautiful I coulon't bring myself to teat them. The tea she included smells out oy this world and tastes really nice. I can't place my finger on it.

YOu guys really now how to make a dude feel good! Thank you....I love all of you so much!

Ther's more I wanted to say but the tranquillisers are knocking me on my ass and I can't barely see my nse at the end of my face LOL!

SLeep tgiht all

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