Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moving Right Along

I sat on my sofa this morning with a cup of coffee and my afghan. I finished it whilst watching Charmed. Now that that is out of the way, it's time to make some decisions.

I have that Perry Ellis cable sampler from Vogue Knitting magazine that I'm maybe a quarter of the way done with. However, I have been so inspired by the Barbara Walker cable books that I'm thinking perhaps it's time to rip that cable sampler out and use the wool to design my own sweater. I'd probably enjoy it more and it'll be a new challenge. I'm already knitting this cable sampler for the third time and am tired of it even tho it is a gorgeous sweater.

That said, I had joined the Socks The Rock club and have the first kit I could knit. Just not sure if I want to do another pair of socks just yet. They're fast, fun and easy but designing my own sweater seems a bit more interesting at the moment.

Rowan has a book out, Denim, that my friend Kyra (her link is over there on the right- Knitmeister) had started knitting a sweater from, Patrick is the name of the sweater. It's a gorgeous cable crew neck. I'd love to knit that as well.

I suppose in between I'll start to heavily fringe that striped afghan I did.

Not that I need another afghan but I've had visions of a knotted granny square afghan done in shades of purple. Somewhere along the line I stumbled upon a web site that had crochet granny squares but they were a Celtic Knot style. Has anybody else seen them? I'd say it was around February I saw it. I don't think it was The Crochet Dude...I think it was a woman who did them. I'm not sure if she had a pattern for them yet or not.

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