Monday, April 24, 2006

A Meme

Lissa over at Am Knot did this and I liked it so I tought I'd steal it and do it too. Hope she doen'st mind


TV show: Charmed, X Files reruns, Family Guy (Stewie rocks!), Bev Hills 90210 reruns-yes I was a fan of the original run (Did I just admit that?) and I still love it.
Flower: Foxglove
Alcohol: Absinthe
Movie: Oh god, this could end up 6 miles long. The Exorcist, SAW 2, Harry Potter series, Full Meal Jacket to name a few
Color: Purple
Sport: Ski Jumping (I'd say roller coastering but I don't think that's a real sport??? LOL!)
Actor: Keanu Reeves, Dean Winters, Christopher Meloni,
Music: Generally 80's style heavy metal but anything really so long as it's not rap/hip hop.
Season: Fall
Book: Anything by Richard Laymon.

1 0 F A C T S

Birthplace: I wish New York City but Boston, MA.
Hometown: I tell people New York City but a small suburb just N. of Boston.
Height: 5'10"
Hair color: Blond, and not blond enough
Hair length: approaching the middle of my back
Hair style: a mess usually ROTFLOL! more perms or I'd have hay on top of my head.
Eye color: brown unless I wear contacts in which case they'd be grey-or shimmery like moonlight for special f/x
Skin color: White...actually, I'm sorta heavily tattooed so I guess I'm what you'd call coloured.
Shoe size: 9 1/2 I guess. In dress shoes, all differnet sizes (designer shoes are not always the most confortable so I get various sizes dependng on the shoe)
Citizenship: US of A

1 0 T H I S O R T H A T S

Love or lust?: Love
Hard liquor or beer?: Hard Liquor
Night or day?: Day
Hook-ups or relationship?: Relationships
T.V. or internet?: TV
Wild night out or romantic night in? A night in. I'm getting very boring as I get older LOL!
Saturday or Sunday?: Sunday
Colored or black and white picture?: black & white...especially if it's infrared
Phone or in person?: Either
Bill Pullman or Bill Paxton?: Can I say both? Would that make me a pig?

1 0 H A V E Y O U E V E R S

Have you ever been caught sneaking out? Yes, an Ozzy Osbourne concert when I was 14 and did I catch hell when I returned home.
Have you ever done something you regret?: Yes
Have you ever been on a house boat?: Not that I'm aware of
Have you ever unintentionally injured a small child?: No
Have you ever been charged with sexual assault?: Eww, No
Have you ever had your revenge?: I leave that up to Karma. I don't want to come back to pay it off.
Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker?: No, I lost my taste for candy after biting in to a Blow Pop and it pulled a brace off one of my teeth. My orthodontist was not amused.
Have you ever stayed up all night til the sun came up: Oh many, many times when I was a teen and in my 20's.
Have you ever been caught by your parents with a hickey? Yes, kinda hard for a guy to blame it on a curling iron
Have you ever been caught by your parents doing anything more than making out?: Oh, umm, Yes...and my dad learnt to knock after that LOL! (I was 19)

10 A R E Y O U S

Are you missing someone right now?: Sort of
Are you happy? I will be when I get my behind on a roller coaster finally.
Are you interested in taking a free stress test?: No, I fear the result. My stress is very high as it is.
Are you bored? No
Are you German?: I may have been in a past life
Are you Italian?: This goes back to the reincarnation thing above
Are you French?: Again, the reincarnation thing...perhaps in a prior life.
Are you loyal to the smelly European countries of your ancestors?: Smelly country of ancestors? Have you been around some college kids? Tower Records in Boston used to be good for clearing out your sinuses when the college kids shopped.
Are your parents still married?: No, my mom died 3 years ago and they divorced when I was 15 anyway.
Are you into someone right now?: Yes-I have a partner and a dream partner. Is that an Incubus?

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