Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lotsa Goodies

Chris and I spent the day walking round Boston on Saturday. I wanted to look for some solid sock yarn to try out these socks. Scroll down until you see Conservative Socks. That is the black/purple/orange thing you see in the photo. I really like the design, it's unique but it looking like it's turning out enormous. Anybody wanna wear it with me? I got the gauge so we'll see...it might just be that the yarn is solid so my eye is seeing an unbroken piece of fabric where the other yarns I've used were variegated.

I also got two pair of Brittany needles. These are nice but they aren't the ones I want. The black walnut are just too expensive. I think I mentioned seeing them on eBay but the "Buy It Now" option was $65. and I'm not paying 65 bucks for a pair of knitting needles. And a new (to me) Mountain Colour yarn, Wildflower. I guess these will be socks too-just need to find a nice pattern for it. I'm tired of the universal sock pattern and not sure I want to do another pair of jaywalkers.

The Great American Aran Afghan is absolutely delicious to look through. I want to make this but with summer approaching, I'll hold off till fall. I may make a pillow of one.

On that note, is anyone familiar with Barbara Walker's books? I saw a block of a spider, I'm not sure if there was a web or not but I definitely remember seeing a 3-D spider. I cant remember what blog I saw it on but the person said it was Barbara Walker block. Does anyone know what book it is in? I looked through two on Saturday and didn't see it. I loved that spider! Would like to get the book it's in. Actually, the two books I did see I wanted to get but couldn't splurge on them.

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