Tuesday, February 05, 2008


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That about sums it up....

Its been a while, hasn't it? Not much really to say I guess? I got my roots bleached today and am really happy with it-she's making it look so good and no more 3rd degree burns and clumps falling out. Platinum doesn't HAVE to destroy your hair if they know what they're doing.

SO I decided since I'd be sitting there for quite a while to take a pair of socks to knit. YOu remember I had trouble after that damn Cat Bordhi book? Well....It's BAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKK! I decided to do the Kindness socks (Google Kindness socks, the pattern is on Flickr) in the cool orange/black/grey halloween yarn I got from Yarn Pirate. I was cruising along until round 12....the last round of the repeat. Came up one stitch short...counted and recounted, ripped back the round and did it again...still messed up. Took the needles out, ripped back a few rows, counted my stitches...all 64 are there...was truckin' along again until round 12. And again 63 stitches. SO I put it back in my bag and after supper I ripped back to the ribbing and started over...all went fine until Round 12.

At this stage, I'm through knitting socks. Not a friggin sock has turned out since I tired knitting from that fucking Cat Bordhi book. I was reading on the Yarn Harlot's blog that Ms.Bordhi delights in coming up with difficult ways to do things. Let's see if she delights when I give her a piece of my mind after I calm down. My suggestion would be for ms. Bordhi to move to a major metropolitan city which would force her to get a real job thereby decreasing the abundance of time she seems to have. harsh? No, I don't think so...knitting isn't supposed to be rocket science. If that is what she wants then she should seek employment at NASA. I am so sorry I wasted the 30 bucks on that book..TOTAL waste of money. I swear she has cursed me...I have not had a SINGLE sock get much past the ribbing since I attempted one of her goddamned socks. Can you tell I'm her biggest fan? :-/ Her bio says she was a math teacher...I hope she explained math to her class better than her knitting patterns else there's a lot of not so good at math people walking around. Me thinks she's just a little too into trying to be clever.

This has really thrown me because I've been knitting for 30 years off and on. I am NOT a beginner and have tackled socks more difficult than these Kindness socks. It's pretty bad when I'm left looking at "Patrick", the Rowan jumper I knit last year-just to reaffirm that Yes, I CAN knit and intricate stuff at that 'coz this sock shit has really rattled me. Now I am left trying to figure out what to do with $120. worth of beautiful Wollmeise sock yarn because I'm done with socks. Claudia has a nice Mobieus on her blog I will try to do..the thought of 420 stitches makes my head hurt but it's better than letting the moths get to it. As to the rest of the balls of sock yarn I have....what do you do with fingering weight yarn? I have A LOT of it.

No more socks for me...I'm spending too much money to keep my hair white...I don't need this crap giving me dark hairs. Stay tuned...when I return from New York I am going to burn the book...pictures will be posted here.

Now that I'm thoroughly aggravated, I'm going to go to bed.

PS...I see the spell checker isn't working again, I'll have to use my computer's spell checker. I just love all the mediocrity...thank god Blogger is free. This is what my friend Lorraine refers to as your mood going form shit to fuck. Amazing how fast that happens.

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